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NEW Luma from The Fibre Co. NEW Malabrigo Dos Tierras! Introducing our NEW Patternology Kit - Stripey Hat & Fingerless Gloves! Introducing Woolfolk yarns! NEW Making Magazin No. 2/Fauna!! NEW Lang Nova! NEW Blue Sky Organic Cotton (Worsted)! NEW Brooklyn Tweed Fall Collection!! Now at The Tree!

Introducing Luma! NEW from The Fibre Co.!  Just in at The Tree!

What better thing to dream about during gloomy February weather than a brand new yarn,
perfect for year round knitting? We're delighted to introduce the newest yarn from The Fibre Co. -


50% merino wool, 25% organic cotton, 15% linen, 10% silk

The Luma palette includes soft neutrals and bright shades of pink, blue, and green. 

A classic DK weight yarn, Luma is inspired by the mood and light found in mid-latitude savannas—
grassland ecosystems with open canopies allowing plenty of sunlight.

Daily life in mid-latitude climates, whether in the drier Mediterranean
or temperate Great Plains of the USA, are best handled with a layered approach to clothing.

Plant-based fibers mixed with silk and wool provide a built-in layer of warmth in winter
yet lightness when required in warmer temperatures. 

Introducing Malabrigo's NEW yarn - Dos Tierras!  Just in at The Tree!

Dos Tierras means Two Lands, reflecting the sources of the two amazing fibers found in this ultra-soft yarn.

A luscious combination of 50% Uruguayan Merino wool with 50% baby alpaca from Peru
plied to create a DK weight yarn that is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Dos Tierras has awesome stitch definition and drape!

The amazing kettle-dyed, semi-solid and variegated colors of this 4-ply yarn
offer the perfect palette to show off your stitch work.

Great for:
Accessories and hand-wash-friendly garments, next-to-skin wear, lace, cables, colorwork, and textured stitches.


Introducing our NEW Patternology Pattern -

Stripey Slouch and Fingerless Gloves kit!

Super fast, fun, and easy!

Our Stripey Slouch Hat and Fingerless Gloves pattern is a cinch to knit, with...

INDULGENCE Cashmere self-striping yarn!!
A machine washable dk weight blend of wool, cashmere, and nylon.

These 12 colorful self-striping colorways are sure to chase the post holiday blues away!!

Knit up this super cute ensemble with just ONE skein of Indulgence cashmere blend!

Yep! 1 skein will make our Stripey Slouch and Fingerless Gloves!


Introducing Woolfolk yarns - NOW available at The Tree!

Woolfolk yarns are available exclusively at their hand-selected retail partners -
And we are proud and thrilled to be offering Woolfolk yarns to our customers!

Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices.

Woolfolk's Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers
to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands.

Ultimate Merino® has a micron count of 17.5, and combines the hand of cashmere with the wear of merino.

Ultimate Merino’s unique cylindrical structure and long flat scales allow the lustrous fiber
to accept dyes with exceptional permanence and depth of color.

Woolfolk brings this exquisitely soft and lustrous fiber to handknitting yarns
that preserves the unique attributes of this luxurious wool.


The chainette construction of Får gives structure and definition to the luxuriously soft fiber,
and works with a range of needle sizes and stitch types.


Tynd’s tight twist creates a lightweight, elegant fabric on smaller needles.


Tov incorporates our exclusive Ultimate Merino® in 12 ply crisply spun aran weight.
Available in classic natural (raw) and subtle melange colors.


Woolfolk's newest yarn, Hygge is their first foray into a bulky weight yarn.
A blend of Ultimate Merino®, superfine baby alpaca, and mulberry silk
is melded together with a beautiful construction and finish, worthy of these fine fibers.

Woolfolk's pattern collections are wearable, clean and minimal.

Their focus is on design that is both timeless and modern.

The quietly sophisticated color palette is inspired by the same sense of purpose...

...the curated range is on point with runway fashion while staying true to clean design.

Hurry in!  Check out the NEW Woolfolk yarns & patterns!!


NEW Making Magazine - No. 2 / Fauna - Just in at The Tree!

Making is a limited edition, bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.
(No. 1 was a huge hit! They are completely sold out and will not print more issues.)

The knitting patterns in Making Magazine are not available on Ravelry.
Making Magazine is only available in local yarn shops.

FAUNA, the Fall 2016 issue, includes these cute butterfly cocoon designs by Madison's own Susan B. Anderson!

FAUNA also includes knit designs from Norah Gaughan, Melanie Berg, Carol Sunday,
Ashley Yousling, Karen Templer, Jenny Gordy, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Bristol Ivy,
Carrie Bostick Hoge, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Beatrice Perron Dahlen.

Other contributions from Emily Walker, Cal Patch, Lori Ann Graham, Tif Fussell,
Kristine Vejar, Anna Graham, Carolyn Friedlander, Casey Ryder, Trey Hughes,
Tammy White, Nicole Dupuis, Amanda Blake Soule & Ashley Yousling, Grainline Studio,
Sanae Ishido, Mollie Johanson, and Kim Hamlin.

Check out all of these great knitting patterns!

Hurry in!  Making Magazine is a limited edition publication!!

When No. 2 / Fauna is gone - they're gone!!




NEW Lang - Nova - Just in at The Tree!

48% Wool (Merino), 32% Camel (Baby), 20% Nylon

Nova is a superlight, chainette yarn, composed mainly of fine merino and baby camel hair.
The baby camel hair component lends the yarn a wonderful softness, beautiful volume and an exciting mélange.
The camel hair comes from Asia. The downy undercoat is used in hand-knitting yarns.
In spring, this hair falls out in clumps when the animals shed their winter coat.
The downy hair is fine and crimped, it is distinctive for its warmth, its sheen and thermal qualities.

Check out all of these great patterns!
All knit in Lang Nova!!

NEW Blue Sky - Organic Cotton (Worsted) - Just in at The Tree!

Royalton Bolero

Organic Cotton (Worsted)
100% Certified Organic Cotton, 100g / 150yds

Check out all of these great patterns from Blue Sky!
All knit in their super soft Organic Cotton (Worsted)!!

Pine Island Pullover

Afton Shrug

Breezy Point Hood Scarf

Ashby Tee

Caledonia Cowl

NEW! Brooklyn Tweed Fall Collection 2016 - Now at The Tree!

The Fall Collection 2016 is all about sweaters in ShelterLoft, and Quarry -
and there's a men's and women's version of each design!


We are so excited - Jared Flood's Brooklyn Tweed Pattern Collection is stunningly beautiful!

We just love the Brooklyn Tweed and Wool People patterns!

Loft is the perfect yarn for color work!

This sweet raglan has beautiful detail, knit in Shelter!

Love this pullover in Shelter!

I'm casting this one on tonight!!

This beautiful scarf can be knit in Loft or Shelter

Jared does it again with this gorgeous cardigan!!

So sweet in Loft!!

C'mon in to Wisconsin's ONLY Brooklyn Tweed flag ship store! -



We are so excited to introduce Jared Flood's Brooklyn Tweed yarn at The Tree!

We are thrilled to be Wisconsin's ONLY Brooklyn Tweed flag ship store!

Brooklyn Tweed  has 37 amazing colorways in both Shelter and Loft yarns.


The distinctive character of Targhee-Columbia wool shines in this versatile medium-weight yarn.
is woolen spun, meaning the fibers remain in a lofty jumble that traps air and offers remarkable lightness.

Its two plies are gently twisted to preserve that buoyant quality. 
Woolen-spun yarns are also more adaptable in gauge, as they can compress to a dense sport weight or bloom to cohere as a gauzy fabric when worked on large needles, you’ll find the occasional fleck of vegetable matter that proves this wool is never treated with harsh chemicals. 

is designed to be a workhorse yarn that invites cables, ribbing, textured stitch motifs, open work, plain stockinette and garter stitch.
We think it’s ideal for sweaters of every variety, winter accessories, and blankets.


Fingering-weight Loft channels Targhee-Columbia wool’s airy bounce into feather-light lace, accessories, and garments.

Like Shelter, Loft is a woolen-spun 2-ply yarn with delicate twist, especially designed for unique lightness of hand.
It’s not a sock yarn, so treat it a little more gently when it’s on the winder and the needles.
Once your garment is blocked, the stitches will cohere in a beautifully even and sturdy fabric.
Lace garments should open up to reveal stitch motifs with relatively mild blocking.

Loft has great flexibility of gauge; it can be knit on 2mm (US 0) needles for a dense and durable fabric or on 4mm (US 6) needles for ethereal open work.

Two strands of Loft held together can substitute for Shelter in patterns where you’d like greater stitch definition or a marled fabric of two colors.

Brooklyn Tweed began as a blog for knitters by Jared Flood.
As Jared embarked on a career in knitwear design, he also began to pursue his vision of bringing American-made wool yarns to market.
Brooklyn Tweed's
conviction is to produce American yarns that preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production.

Brooklyn Tweed yarns are born in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains of north central Wyoming,
where ranchers have raised sheep for 150 years.

Brooklyn Tweed wool comes from Targhee-Columbia sheep, a distinctly American cross of two breeds with their origins in the wide-open spaces of the West. Both are large, sturdy animals able to withstand the harsh winters and terrain of their rangeland homes.

The Targhee produces a fine wool with Merino-like softness; Columbia wool is stouter and lends durability and character. The combination is ideal for the lofty, warm, woolen-spun yarns Brooklyn Tweed set out to create, yarns that are soft enough to wear against the skin but also long wearing and imbued with distinctive personality on the needles.

We love the Brooklyn Tweed and Wool People patterns!

Clean and contemporary!

With an eye for superior craftsmanship and knitterly detail.

Patterns that are both intuitive and enjoyable to work!

C'mon in to Wisconsin's ONLY Brooklyn Tweedflag ship store -
and see the wonderful Shelter & Loft yarns!



NEW Noro at The Tree!

Just in - a HUGE shipment of Noro yarns!

Plus Rainbow Roll Pencil Roving!

And - Noro Magazine Issue 7!!

Love this issue! Lots of great patterns using Silk Garden!

This striped pullover uses 2 colorways!

Check out these great patterns using Silk Garden Solo (solids) with Silk Garden!


New Noro - Rainbow Roll Pencil Roving!
There's something for every fiber artist in the Noro Rainbow Roll!

Pencil Roving is 100% wool, and dyed in the gorgeous, self-striping Noro colors everyone loves!

This roving will felt beautifully, spinners can spin their own Noro yarn, weavers can use it as a colorful weft,
and knitters and crocheters can make projects with it as is.

Note: As the Rainbow Roll isn't spun and isn't yarn, it does break fairly easily when knit or crocheted,
but it can be put back together just as easily by simply overlapping the ends and working them together for a few stitches.

The two broken ends can also be rubbed together in the palms with a bit of moisture to bind them back together. The strength of fabric is increased when the Rainbow Roll is worked doubled.

Check out these FREE Patterns using Rainbow Roll Pencil Roving!

Weave this gorgeous scarf!

This throw uses just 2 rolls!

This cute hat takes 1 roll!



At our NEW SPACE just 2 doors down from our original location!

On the corner of Monroe and Knickerbocker streets in the NEW BUILDING called
"The Monroe"

C'mon in and see our NEW yarns and NEW space!  As well as our NEW products - you have to see!



The Knitting Tree, the long established neighborhood yarn shop on Monroe Street has moved 2 doors down, occupying the corner retail space of the recently completed building called “The Monroe”, built by Rouse Management on the corner of Monroe and Knickerbocker Streets.

“We're very excited about moving into this beautiful new space, but staying so close to our original location which has been on Monroe Street for 45 years,” said store owner Jackie Shanahan.

Shanahan, who grew up around the corner on Commonwealth Street, would visit the original shop with her mother when she was a girl. She bought the shop in 2006. “It was fortunate this new space opened so close, to keep the store here in the neighborhood. We wouldn't have thought of relocating, but when we were approached about moving we couldn't say no. It was new and full of possibilities yet virtually in the same location, being right next door,” she said.

Shanahan has a photo stylist/set design background which served her well in developing the space. “We were really excited to design our own space. I wanted to create a boutique shopping experience that was comfortable for our knitting customers but would also offer exciting gift ideas for non-knitters.” 




Our passion for the study, concepts and design of knitted garments, inspired by the hip and eclectic knitters of Madison, Wisconsin has culminated in Patternology™.  Presented exclusively by The Knitting Tree.